Teams looking to book your hotels, please go to Maverick Sports Travel to find hotels to book for this event. Please find the Surf College Cup/Thanksgiving Hotels 2015 icon located near the top of the Maverick Sports Travel Landing Page.

As stated in the application process and your acceptance email, you must use Surf Cup approved hotels for any team-associated reservations. Please refer to your acceptance email for instructions. Reservations cannot be made until your team is formally accepted. Any team booking early without an acceptance email runs the risk of disqualification. Hotel Managers will request your acceptance email in order for you to set up a block of rooms.

Online reservations (Expedia, Orbitz or any Travel Agency) are not allowed. Team managers and coaches are responsible for the above process being followed by all parents and team associates.

If you have any hotel questions please contact:

Charlene Concepcion, Account Executive
Maverick Sports Travel
Phone: 760.944.7176 ext. 704
Toll Free: 888.243.3441 ext. 704